Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Main Characters

Name: Koji ShalesAge: 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair/Eye Colour: Brown/Green


Koji grew up in Burr with his best friend Pepper Shemper, a very shy but friendly girl, until he reached the age of 8 where he discovered that he possessed a unique gift. Passed down from many generations, he could move things with his mind. This power had never been seen before but through a myth. At the age of 12, Koji was sent to the village of Kaja to master his ability. At 21 he returned to his home town of Buur and was given a white cape as a sign of his gift, just to learn about a growing threat in the world by a mysterious man from the Eastern side of the planet.

Name: Demetrius Braul
Height: 6'02"
Weight: 185lbs
Hair/Eye Colour: Light Blue/Blue


Demetrius used to live in Eurogo until the age of 11 when his father was viciously killed by a pack of Cerberus. He moved to Buur where he met an odd little kid named Koji who possessed an ability that he wished he had. A few weeks later he discovered that he himself possessed a special gift. Though not as unique as Koji's, he is able to heal rapidly. Soon he and Koji become very close to each other, impossibly inseparable. Demetrius wishes more than anything to gain revenge for his father's death by slaying every single Cerberus he sees. He therefore set out to train while Koji was away for the next 10 years.

Name: Shauna Terrace
Age: 20
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105lbs
Hair/Eye Colour: Red/Brown & Blue


Shauna grew up on the move with her parents, who painted houses for money. At the age of 5 the village she was staying in was destroyed by a volcanic eruption, killing her parents in the process. She was then adopted by Metropolis's town mayor as his daughter. At 10 she discovered that she had a unique ability like her adopted father's She can control the elements and use elemental magic. Furthermore she discovered that depending on the weather and terrain, she can have a better or worse control over the elements making her attacks stronger or weaker.

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