Sunday, March 15, 2009

In the Beginning


Since the dawn of time, World Peace had thrived. People of different creeds, races, gender and ethnicity all lived in harmony, animals were tame and friendly, it seemed that even the forces of nature had found balance.

Back then, everyone on the planet possessed a special talent, a inner strength. The usefulness of these powers ranged from grandiose to insignificant, from elemental manipulation to hyperempathy.

Even though the world was still, it would not be long before an evil force culminated to threaten the peace. This dark, malicious force was helmed by a villianous man wroth with anger and empowered by a seemingly never ending life span. Backed by loyal followers, the leader and his army was nigh on invincible.

The leader's patience and cold, calculating ways saw him through the loss of many allies and the resistance of those who would oppose him.

To fortify himself, the leader wore an impenetrable armour made from a pastiche of metals and otherwordly materials. Impervious to fire, thunder, explosions, metal weaponry and even the supernatural, the leader was invincible. No one could stop him, anyone who stood against him would be felled by his hand.

Then, there was reprieve; hope.
A man from the western hemisphere, in the town of Dape, decided to fight back against the Dark Leader. His supernatural ability manifested as a telekinetic control over the corporeal. This was considered a miracle. No one else had ever possessed this ability, this energy. At best, people had simulated flight using telekinesis, but never over an object that wasn't themselves.

The man from Dape tried to stop the dark leader. For years they battled, but neither side would ever emerge as the decisive victor.

Then, on a seemingly ordinary day, the man from Dape found a peculiar material in an old crater. The material would not bend, scratch or become flawed in any way. "Could this have something to do with the dark leader's armor?" Further study revealed the material to be of the same compisition as the dark leader's armor. The hero also learned that the material was not of this planet and had come from a

It was then that it occured to The Hero: all their weapons were made from simple metal and crude minerals, how could these weapons stand up to armor forged in the vast cold and darkness of space?

The Hero sought to make a weapon with the meteorite, but found that no one had ever successfullly synthesized a weapon using the meteorite. His attempts to fortify a sword with meteor shards failed.

After much trial and error, The Hero deduced that the previous syntheses had failed because there was not enough meteorite to empower the weapon. The Hero also decided that if the Dark Leader's armour was only part meteorite, then he could break the armor with a weapon that was made of only meteorite.. He searched the world over to find more of the precious meteorite, collecting enough to make a mighty sword.

Rather than temper the weapon with fire or thunder or pressure, The Hero used his telekinetic power to forge the weapon, adhering the material together to make a sword out of pure meteorite shard.

This time, the meteor sword held together and was dubbed Yamikito: The Sword Of Dark Energy. Pulsing with a fearsome, dark aura, this sword lived up to it's title. Strangely, only the young Hero who was pure of heart could wield this sword. Perhaps it had to do with the telekinetic bond that forged the sword. Maybe he was linked to sword through telepathy, no one knew why, but only The Hero could use the
Yamikito. with this new sword, The Hero set out to do battle against The Dark Leader. Even though just wielding the sword caused The Hero pain, he attacked The Dark Leader and defeated him once and for all.

In the end, The Hero sacrificed much
to quell the darkness. He'd known great pain, fear and hardships. Even though he'd defeated the Dark Leader, he'd sustained grave injuries. To make a full recovery, he would require years of intensive care.

Though he made marked improvement during his recovery he died tragically. Some say he lost the will to live, other say he comitted suicide, being unable to live with his injuries and others say The Hero became unable to live without the Yamikito, having formed a symbiotic relationship with his weapon.

This where The Hero's records end.

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