Sunday, April 26, 2009

Story line in progress and a mini update

Ok so I have not had much time to work on Life Stream much but I have good news to say that the Story line is in progress in my little free time.Pretty much the beginning of the game is complete. Story Line, mapping, characters in place. I just need to set up monsters. I am figuring out what to do with bosses however. After that then the beginning is truly finished.

I have decided to change up a few things for dramatic twists. Magnus Pry, if some of you read, was apart of the Great War but on the opposing side. I decided to put him on the good side to give it more of a twist. Figuring out this bad guy used to be good. I have always liked that in games. Kinda like Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII. Used to be in SOLDIER then goes bad. Same applies here with Magnus.

Other than that, Monday I am uploading the promised Screen shots.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have been a bit busy lately with work and such and finishing up Final Fantasy VII on the PSP (which crashed on the 3rd disk and could not continue) so now that my obstacles are out of the way, I have started picking back up Life Stream. Right now I am working on graphics. Trying to finish up bits a pieces that are not finished or started. It is going great so far. Soon I will be posting screen shots of Life Stream on both here and, Look for it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crediting sprites

I have decided to create a Game Design building (like in pokemon) and you get to meet the creators of the game. I am making sprites for most of my major helpers or key helpers.
Here is the sprites I have made so far. I tried to use the avatars of all of these. Some look nothing like theirs or others had no avatar so I just made up one






Having a bit of trouble finding the right hair

Night Walker

Mr. Bubble



More is to come.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Here is a list of the scripts in Life Stream

SBS + ATB script (Takentai)
-----Bub's Bow addon
-----Default Scope Options Addon
-----Enemy Animated Battlers
-----Enemy Weapon
-----Special Deaths
-----Kylock's Gun Addon

Multi-Slot Equipment

Pause Game

Slip Damage

Battle Backs VX

Anti Lag



Map Name Pop Up

Auto Recovery

Walking Down Ladders

Gold Icon

Night Time (Pending. Dont know if I really want it or if it works even)

Sparkly Windows

Light Glow (Isn't working properly so it might be removed)

Chest pop Up



Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What is going on


Life Stream focuses on the story of Koji, a curious man who investigates ancient supernatural forces how they were manipulated. When the public suspects a mysterious man may have something to do with the resurgence of supernatural forces, Koji is dispatched to look into his motives and it isn't long before Koji is following this man and researching the history of several events and artifacts.

The second act focuses on the mysterious man, his motives and his goals. The second act of the game is also where a majority of the boss battles take place. Boss fights consist of fighting humans and animals alike, most of them under the control of Magnus Pry.

Finally, in the third act you try and find a way to defeat Magnus Pry while solving
supernatural mysteries and delving into the characters own intricate histories.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Powers and Ability Attacks

Every one on the planet owns a special power. Powers of levitation, mind reading, superior strength, invisibility and so on. These powers are brought on by the planet's Life Stream. The Life Stream is a river, or a current, of energy that flows deep inside the planet. The stream contains special powers in it. Powers beyond measure. When a person is yet halfway developed in the womb, its spirit is strong enough to temporarily leave it's body and travel to the Life Stream. Once to the stream, it enters it and reaches out to grab at a power. Once it accomplishes this task, it returns to it's body and continues to develop until birth. Upon birth, the power remains in a dormant state until by an emotional distress in the body, results in the power unlocking and coming out. Certain powers have even been known to be there even atbirth. But are so few and rare that not much is known why it is. Powers range from strong to weak. Some people have similar powers as others but no two is ever the same. While one might be able to read your thoughts, others, can read every thought you ever had since you were yet born. While one can become invisible, others, can not only become invisible, but also pass through walls.
Ability Attacks are those with the ability to cause some kind of pain or some sort of disorientation. Whether mental or physical. Not every one has a power that will qualify as an Ability Attack, but everyone can use their power in battle to some sort of advantage. Examples of Ability Attacks would be causing one mental pain, thinking you are in pain when you are not. Causing a wall of water to crash down on an opponent. Causing a person to think they are else where doing something else than they really are when in fact they are just standing there. There is also protective Ability Attacks. Causing a defensive shield to shroud the person or group. Many exist out there.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

In the Beginning


Since the dawn of time, World Peace had thrived. People of different creeds, races, gender and ethnicity all lived in harmony, animals were tame and friendly, it seemed that even the forces of nature had found balance.

Back then, everyone on the planet possessed a special talent, a inner strength. The usefulness of these powers ranged from grandiose to insignificant, from elemental manipulation to hyperempathy.

Even though the world was still, it would not be long before an evil force culminated to threaten the peace. This dark, malicious force was helmed by a villianous man wroth with anger and empowered by a seemingly never ending life span. Backed by loyal followers, the leader and his army was nigh on invincible.

The leader's patience and cold, calculating ways saw him through the loss of many allies and the resistance of those who would oppose him.

To fortify himself, the leader wore an impenetrable armour made from a pastiche of metals and otherwordly materials. Impervious to fire, thunder, explosions, metal weaponry and even the supernatural, the leader was invincible. No one could stop him, anyone who stood against him would be felled by his hand.

Then, there was reprieve; hope.
A man from the western hemisphere, in the town of Dape, decided to fight back against the Dark Leader. His supernatural ability manifested as a telekinetic control over the corporeal. This was considered a miracle. No one else had ever possessed this ability, this energy. At best, people had simulated flight using telekinesis, but never over an object that wasn't themselves.

The man from Dape tried to stop the dark leader. For years they battled, but neither side would ever emerge as the decisive victor.

Then, on a seemingly ordinary day, the man from Dape found a peculiar material in an old crater. The material would not bend, scratch or become flawed in any way. "Could this have something to do with the dark leader's armor?" Further study revealed the material to be of the same compisition as the dark leader's armor. The hero also learned that the material was not of this planet and had come from a

It was then that it occured to The Hero: all their weapons were made from simple metal and crude minerals, how could these weapons stand up to armor forged in the vast cold and darkness of space?

The Hero sought to make a weapon with the meteorite, but found that no one had ever successfullly synthesized a weapon using the meteorite. His attempts to fortify a sword with meteor shards failed.

After much trial and error, The Hero deduced that the previous syntheses had failed because there was not enough meteorite to empower the weapon. The Hero also decided that if the Dark Leader's armour was only part meteorite, then he could break the armor with a weapon that was made of only meteorite.. He searched the world over to find more of the precious meteorite, collecting enough to make a mighty sword.

Rather than temper the weapon with fire or thunder or pressure, The Hero used his telekinetic power to forge the weapon, adhering the material together to make a sword out of pure meteorite shard.

This time, the meteor sword held together and was dubbed Yamikito: The Sword Of Dark Energy. Pulsing with a fearsome, dark aura, this sword lived up to it's title. Strangely, only the young Hero who was pure of heart could wield this sword. Perhaps it had to do with the telekinetic bond that forged the sword. Maybe he was linked to sword through telepathy, no one knew why, but only The Hero could use the
Yamikito. with this new sword, The Hero set out to do battle against The Dark Leader. Even though just wielding the sword caused The Hero pain, he attacked The Dark Leader and defeated him once and for all.

In the end, The Hero sacrificed much
to quell the darkness. He'd known great pain, fear and hardships. Even though he'd defeated the Dark Leader, he'd sustained grave injuries. To make a full recovery, he would require years of intensive care.

Though he made marked improvement during his recovery he died tragically. Some say he lost the will to live, other say he comitted suicide, being unable to live with his injuries and others say The Hero became unable to live without the Yamikito, having formed a symbiotic relationship with his weapon.

This where The Hero's records end.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Down Time

Life Stream is in some down time do to my job and filling in title screen requests. I should have a few updates tomorrow but nothing big is coming out in the next few days or so. I know I have no one looking at this site very much but hopefully, just maybe, I will start to get some people interested

Friday, March 6, 2009


Name: Magnus Pry
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair/Eye Colour: Grey/Grey


Not much is known about Magnus Pry. He possesses a strange ability that seems he has always had since birth. No one knows his whereabouts or how old he even is. The few things that are known about him are that he was apart of the Great War. He helped defeat the enemy that seemed to come one after another. He was a major player out on the field. After the war, he fled and no one heard from him again. He reemerged 10 years ago right after a mysterious floating island appears on the Eastern side of the Planet...with a few more friends of his.

Name: Succubus
Age: Unknown
Height: unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair/Eye Colour: Blue/Blue


Not much at all is known about Succubus other than when she was 16 she discovered that she can seduce the opposite sex and get them to do her will but was limited on how long that hold will last. She also discovered very quickly that she needed to drink blood to survive. Succubus is the first vampire of her kind. Later creatures similar to her are called a succubus in relation to this woman

Name: General Jax
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: unknown
Hair/Eye Colour: Unknown/Unknown


General Jax had fought in the Great War along side Magnus. He also fled with him after the war. The only thing known about General Jax is that his ability is teleport in and out of the space and time continuum.

Name: Brai Mantis
Age: 23
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 187lbs
Hair/Eye Colour: Black/Purple


Brai was discovered by Magnus apparently at the age of 13, right after his return. He found this young child stranded outside a town that he claimed to be his home town, who rejected him because of his ability. He can transform into a wolf. At command. Magnus quickly helped him to master his ability and taught him his ways and soon joined Magnus. Brai killed his parents and most of the towns men in his home town in revenge of how they treated him. He now is in search of why he was given the curse he bears.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Key Side Characters

Name: Pepper Shemper
Age: 20
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 108lbs
Hair/Eye Colour: Red/Brown


Pepper is an old friend of Koji's. Him and her used to do everything together until the events that lead up to Koji learning about his secret hidden power and had to go away for 10 years. Pepper to knowledge does not have a special ability. She has lived in Buur all her life and plans to stay there until her marriage day.

Name: Mrs. Shale
Age: 46
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 130lbs
Hair/Eye Colour: White/Blue


Mrs. Shale is a widowed single mother of one. Koji. She grew up in Metropolis along with her sister just a few years older. She is the adventurous type, loving the out doors and the country. She sson met a young man named Charles Shale and soon afterward was married. She later moved to Buur and had her only child there. She discovered actually during the wedding ceremony, that she had a slight bit of a power. She could hover a bit off the ground. Koji however swears her ability is her ability to cook such great food.

Name: James Edwin
Age: 61
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 167lbs
Hair/Eye Colour: White/Green


James is the village elder for Tangus. He has lived there for 21 years. When James was 30, he fought in the Great War. He possesses the ability to see another person's abilities. He was able to give to higher commands the ends and outs of a persona and his potential. After the war he travled the world visiting many towns and cities in search of answers. Answers to why the people of this world have abilities and where they came from. For 10 years he searched far and wide but never found a real answer to some questions. then moved to Tangus to settle down but never married.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Main Characters

Name: Koji ShalesAge: 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair/Eye Colour: Brown/Green


Koji grew up in Burr with his best friend Pepper Shemper, a very shy but friendly girl, until he reached the age of 8 where he discovered that he possessed a unique gift. Passed down from many generations, he could move things with his mind. This power had never been seen before but through a myth. At the age of 12, Koji was sent to the village of Kaja to master his ability. At 21 he returned to his home town of Buur and was given a white cape as a sign of his gift, just to learn about a growing threat in the world by a mysterious man from the Eastern side of the planet.

Name: Demetrius Braul
Height: 6'02"
Weight: 185lbs
Hair/Eye Colour: Light Blue/Blue


Demetrius used to live in Eurogo until the age of 11 when his father was viciously killed by a pack of Cerberus. He moved to Buur where he met an odd little kid named Koji who possessed an ability that he wished he had. A few weeks later he discovered that he himself possessed a special gift. Though not as unique as Koji's, he is able to heal rapidly. Soon he and Koji become very close to each other, impossibly inseparable. Demetrius wishes more than anything to gain revenge for his father's death by slaying every single Cerberus he sees. He therefore set out to train while Koji was away for the next 10 years.

Name: Shauna Terrace
Age: 20
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105lbs
Hair/Eye Colour: Red/Brown & Blue


Shauna grew up on the move with her parents, who painted houses for money. At the age of 5 the village she was staying in was destroyed by a volcanic eruption, killing her parents in the process. She was then adopted by Metropolis's town mayor as his daughter. At 10 she discovered that she had a unique ability like her adopted father's She can control the elements and use elemental magic. Furthermore she discovered that depending on the weather and terrain, she can have a better or worse control over the elements making her attacks stronger or weaker.

Up and running with links now

Ok so I have my links on my forums up and running. This site is now available for the public ^^ Hope you all enjoy my my updates.

Life Stream Blog opening

Ok so I am attempting to make a blog about my game's status. So far I have completed quiet a bit of the beginning part but its going to be a long time before its finished. Suspecting at least a year's more time At least. Ok So all I need to do get a connection link to this blog from the forums I belong to and it is all good.