Monday, March 16, 2009

Powers and Ability Attacks

Every one on the planet owns a special power. Powers of levitation, mind reading, superior strength, invisibility and so on. These powers are brought on by the planet's Life Stream. The Life Stream is a river, or a current, of energy that flows deep inside the planet. The stream contains special powers in it. Powers beyond measure. When a person is yet halfway developed in the womb, its spirit is strong enough to temporarily leave it's body and travel to the Life Stream. Once to the stream, it enters it and reaches out to grab at a power. Once it accomplishes this task, it returns to it's body and continues to develop until birth. Upon birth, the power remains in a dormant state until by an emotional distress in the body, results in the power unlocking and coming out. Certain powers have even been known to be there even atbirth. But are so few and rare that not much is known why it is. Powers range from strong to weak. Some people have similar powers as others but no two is ever the same. While one might be able to read your thoughts, others, can read every thought you ever had since you were yet born. While one can become invisible, others, can not only become invisible, but also pass through walls.
Ability Attacks are those with the ability to cause some kind of pain or some sort of disorientation. Whether mental or physical. Not every one has a power that will qualify as an Ability Attack, but everyone can use their power in battle to some sort of advantage. Examples of Ability Attacks would be causing one mental pain, thinking you are in pain when you are not. Causing a wall of water to crash down on an opponent. Causing a person to think they are else where doing something else than they really are when in fact they are just standing there. There is also protective Ability Attacks. Causing a defensive shield to shroud the person or group. Many exist out there.

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